Jide Williams

Jide Williams

About Jide

Senior Product/Project Manager

Data-Driven, Detail-Oriented, Problem Solver

Jide's Bio

I didn’t set out to build products.

For the longest time, I imagined myself as an Astronaut. I wanted to go to space - I still want to go to space but as life would have it, I got my first stint at building a product back in 2013 and I have never looked back since then.

I explored some other career paths in sales, business development and customer success but I always found my way back to building and shipping products but these paths shaped my love for the end users of platforms and products I build/manage.

While meeting several business targets, goals and metrics, it is also important to craft unique user experiences with data as the back-bone of every decision.

Over the years, I have recorded some remarkable failures but I also have some outstanding successes. I have sold 2 startups at a small scale and worked across multiple business industries but in recent times, I have been exploring web3, metaverse, IoT and several gaming projects.


“We needed to validate our ideas, market-size, customer-market fit and other important metrics and there was Jide telling us not to waste our time or effort on our light bulb idea! A few weeks and some global updates later, we realized we had made the best decision not to go with our emotions. Till date, I always get his counsel before building anything!”
- Jake Jason Timm - Founder and CEO, Hakuna Technologies, NL

Education & Certifications

– Professional Scrum Master | Scrum.org | Dec. 2021

– Professional Scrum Product Owner | Scrum.org | Dec. 2021

– Certificate in Information Technology | British Computer Society (BCS) | Aug. 2021

– MBA | Nexford University | Dec. 2020

– PMP | Project Management Institute (PMI) | Dec 2020

– B.Sc Geography | UNILAG | May 2011

Skills & Tools


– SCRUM & Agile Methodology
– Complete Product Lifecycle
– Product Pricing
– Creating User Personas and Journey Maps
– Conducting User Interviews
– Market Research and Validation
– Design & UX Principles


– Azure DevOps, Jira, Clickup, Asana, Trello & more
– Google Apps – Analytics, Sheets, Docs, Slide, Calendar, Mail & more
– Figma, Miro, ProductBoard, InVision, Slack, Discord, Intercom, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Airtable, Typeform & more.

Connect with Jide

I am open to discussions around work opportunities
or side projects. I’d also be happy to give my input or
feedback on any ideas you need to get out of your
head and I will try to respond in record time.

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